Experience making my own website!

What was the experience of creating the site like? Did you ever imagine you would create a website? What were some posts you really thought were interesting, informative, transformative, creative? (remember you can hyperlink to other posts/pages!) What did you learn about biology, your classmates, yourself? What skills did you learn? Where are your plans for next year?

To be completely honest making this website has been a piece of work. In the beginning, I thought this website was a lost cause. Writing the blogs themselves was not too hard, I found it pretty easy to be comfortable in this type of setting. However, where I found my most trouble was organizing my blog and trying to navigate this site! With new updates and complex settings, it took me about a month to get used to writing, organizing and posting my blogs but I can confidently say I have mastered it (of course with the help of my tech savvy teacher and classmates)! This has been such a crazy experience and never thought I would be making my own website at this age and dare I say be successful at making one? Thanks to this website, I have had the privilege to create my own professional website and start to make a brand of myself and continue my digital footprint.

This experience I have greatly improved my tech skills. I have enjoyed most making iMovies of our experiences in class or on field trips such as Save the Bay and LiMPETS. Through vlogging, blogging and reporting on labs, I have grown so much as a writer and scientist. It’s amazing how much you can do blogging: a scientific lab post, a vlog, a slideshow presentation, or an update on my personal life, all of which are on this site. I hope to continue, modify and update this site as I continue to grow as a biologist in my college career. It will be so interesting to see the kind of experiments I will be doing next year and compare them to ones I have already completed this year. I hope to continue this site as a digital timeline of my biology career. I am incredibly grateful for this experience and know that it will benefit me heaps as our world continues to be run by computers (eek)!!!!


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