How many different plastic items do you use in a day? How many of these are disposable or single-use? How do you think our reliance on plastic affects the Earth? #DoNowPlastic

I use plastic items quite often but they are often bottles, pencils or pens and they are multi-use. I use pencils and pens everyday, I sit in a plastic desk, I drive a car with plastic interior, I throw away my trash in plastic trash cans, I watch TV made out of plastic, I shower with shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body wash all in plastic bottles, and my toothbrush is made out of plastic! Plastic is around us everywhere but I have made a huge change in my life to not use plastic bottles or any other single-use plastic items.

Ever since the creation of plastic, it has been used to make almost every item we use daily due to how pliable and resilient it is. It is so cheap and accessible that I believe it is impossible to escape plastic in our lives. It has been so widespread and made a normality that is plastic can never be rid in our world.

Our reliance on plastic, though it has helped our economy, will be a detriment to our Earth in the long run. Making and burning of plastic is toxic to our atmosphere and these horrible gases will only increase in the following years, increasing the temperature of our poor Earth 😦

To find our more watch what KQED has to say about plastic in our world.


One thought on “#DoNowPlastic

  1. Plastic is gross don’t dump it in the oceans. Wow try to justify your plastic use much??? Honestly same, it’s so hard to remember about being conservative and recycling with everything else going on, ecology should be much higher on our list of priorities!


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