Reflection on Henrietta Lacks

I was excited to see that this New York Times best-selling novel has finally been made into a movie! I have been looking forward to seeing the print be brought to life since last year and it has finally happened! Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

The book was more focused on Henrietta herself and her life both pre and post cell cloning. In the movie, there was little to no mention of Henrietta and her life besides the fact that her cells were taken and used for scientific research without her consent. The movie was focused on the family drama post-HeLa cells and the relationship between Henrietta’s sister and Rebecca Skloot. I was disappointed that the movie was more about writing the book and Henrietta’s sister herself, rather than the story and the entire process of HeLa cells.

I would’ve enjoyed more information on how the cells were taken, how her cells helped to advance science such as helping to create the AIDS cocktail, how her cells are used today, and what her family is doing about her cells.

However, if I had not read the book or had any previous knowledge of Henrietta Lacks, I would think that the movie was well made and had an interesting plot.

Here is the trailer if you are interested in the movie!


One thought on “Reflection on Henrietta Lacks

  1. I’m really excited this is being made into a movie too, the story is super interesting. The point you made about enjoying the science bit more is pretty on point, but I guess a lot of the US doesn’t have the same interest.

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