AP Bio Exam Reflection

To prepare for the AP Bio exam this May, I studied using Crash Course videos made by the Green brothers. These were very helpful to me and gave me a quick recap of subjects, such as cellular respiration, I needed a refresher on. With guidance from our in-class graphic organizers, I narrowed down which areas I needed to study must and looked over in class notes and revisited those crash course videos. To wrap up my studies I found a quizlet to help me review some vocab terms!

The day of the exam I woke up with some time to spare after a good nights rest. I picked up some Starbucks on the way for a boost of energy and some breakfast and I felt prepared for the exam. Starting with the multiple choice I felt like time was going by pretty quick but I was in a rhythm and on a roll! However, towards the end, I was short on time and the questions kept getting harder and harder. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the grid in questions. With a quick break and a banana muffin as a boost, I was ready to wrap up the exam and power through the short answer questions. Boy did I mess those up. I spent way too much time brainstorming JUST the first question and devoted all my time to that leaving little time for the other 5 questions. I finished the first 3 questions because they are worth the most points and finished all but two of the other questions. However, I was able to write at least something down for every question and I am proud of that. Unfortunately, I cannot say that my work these past two semesters was represented in that test. However, I believe that one test on an early morning, summarizing 2 semesters worth of information, carries less weight than my effort and tests from the entire year. I am proud of the student I have become thanks to this class and one AP test does not define me!


One thought on “AP Bio Exam Reflection

  1. THE GREEN BROTHERS WERE MY GODS love them and their videos, the fun ways they explain things really simplify the concepts, to a point you could almost utilize the internet completely and these videos instead of a textbook ja feel?


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