Should pigs be used to grow human organs for transplant? Well there are two ways you could approach this question. This gene editing using stem cells would help to save over twenty lives every day and will ultimately end the wait for organs, saving humans both agony, pain and eventually death. However, this new technology has multiple technically and ethical issues that could cause harm to both humans and pigs.

Yes, this innovative and new use of gene editing would save millions of human lives but do the ethical issues outweigh the pros of this new technology. I wonder if they could use the same pig for the human organs for human food such as bacon or pork, essentially killing two birds with one stone. However, would insertion of human stem cells somehow “infect” other parts of the pig such as it’s meat.

Personally, I believe that there is a different way to grow human organs without harming or modifying other organisms. With all this new technology, in maybe 20 years or fewer scientists will be able to grow human organs in perhaps an incubator without harming any other organisms. Yes, this is a new technology but there are too many risks, such as the risk of growing a human-like brain in a human body or simply using pigs for human’s personal donor. Also by taking advantage of this new technology, there is always threat that someone will use this technology for the worse and perhaps make humans each others personal donors.

Learn about the details in the video below and decide for yourself!


3 thoughts on “#DoNowUPigs

  1. I agree with Helen’s argument. She states that while this would save many lives and be a huge step in scientific innovation, there could be other ways to develop or receive the organs. She also mentions the many risks that are involved with growing human organs inside pigs, including the pigs developing like a human. I side with her as she believes that there are alternative routes than harming organisms to benefit our own species. The principle that goes with this argument is the principle of autonomy. It focuses on individual rights and “informed consent.” The pigs should not be subjected to being violated just to benefit the human race. We should spend our time looking into alternative routes that would avoid harming other beings.


  2. Hi! Your article brought me a question. You said that “there is a different way to grow human organs without harming or modifying other organisms”. This makes me think about the differences between eating a pig and growing a human organ in pig’s body. If we can feed a pig and eat it, why can’t we feed a pig and use the organ? It does not mean feeding a pig and kill it is right, but I am curious what’s the differences. Also, you said that “there is always threat that someone will use this technology for the worse and perhaps make humans each other personal donors”. This is another issue we should concern. Genetic technology is a new and powerful technology, but it is also very dangerous. If someone uses the technology on the wrong purpose, it will be a disaster. In the conclusion, I think that using pigs to grow human body disobey the principle of justice. During the experiment, the pigs might be similar to human. Besides, it is still not fair to decide others lives even though they are animals. In addition, the technology will not be able to benefit all human beings. Therefore, it is not fair for other people who can not get the health care.


  3. I remember we watched a few interesting videos about similar discussions! My favorite was the farm that had goats genetically engineered to produce spider thread silk protein in their milk, Now t can be produced rather than collected which is strong and fabulous for us! The ethics discussion obviously comes into play, but now people can sometimes grow organs in petri dishes, I wonder if there’s a strength difference between the petri and pig-grown organs?


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