“Ghost in Your Genes” Reflection

I thought the NOVA documentary, “Ghost in Your Genes” was very interesting. This documentary stressed genetic differences between siblings, especially identical twins, and a genome and the role methyl tags play in that. Growing up, you learn and see that identical twins are identical in both their genotype and phenotype. However, I was surprised to know that even though twins contain the same genes they are determined by switched in our DNA. This switches, which are part of the epigenome, help to determine one’s cellular identity.

I found the study between the mice extremely interesting. The scientists were able to prove that our genes not only affect our genetic makeup and our physical appearance but also our personality! This study also stressed the importance of nature vs. nurture and how both play an important role in one’s personality. I find this phenomenon incredibly important and can see how it is proven true in almost all organisms world wide.

I also found the Sweden study of transgenerational effects extremely pertinent and think this point needs to be brought to attention more often. People need to learn to not be selfish with the poor choices of taking care of their body, such as smoking or binge drinking for their poor decisions can affect their future generations. Every person needs to be responsible for their own genome and take care of it. This responsibility needs to be taught to children and even adults. Our genome. Our responsibility.

Click here for a synopsis of the documentary!



2 thoughts on ““Ghost in Your Genes” Reflection

  1. I really like your reflection! You chose the most important topics and reflected accordingly, so it showed that you clearly understood the material of the documentary! You’re right… we should all be more aware of our bodies and how we are responsible for taking care of our own genomes. Also, watch out for spelling errors 🙂


  2. OOOOH love the background picture on the side of your blog! If you can maybe next time try to remove the type from the image or fix the pixelated type. Can’t believe you’re graduating already! Nature vs nurture is a super interesting ‘argument’ among scientists, I hope you want to dive more into it in the future. It always pulls my interest when mentioned in a headline or something, and since we know so little about our genes, I’m sure the discussion will continue.


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