DNA Technology Used For Environmental Cleanup!

Look at what we’ve learned about environmental cleanup using DNA technology! Learn how microbes and bacteria help clean up our earth. Check out Veronica’s blog!

Here are our presentation notes:

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Biomining: extracting metals from ores/wastes by using microorganisms to oxidize the metals, producing soluble compounds

Trees: they genetically modify tree leaves to absorb hazaradous waste in factories or other toxic waste producers (photosynthesis → take in CO2 and waste in air)

Soil: Plants are selected and grown in contaminated areas for required growth period. They transform contaminants or absorb the pollutants through the root system and cumulate the water and nutrients essential for growth as well as other components. Then they are harvested and disposed off. (photoremidiation)

Oil removal: microbes eat the small hydrocarbon molecules in oil and break them down (gulf of mexico oil spill in 2010)

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A gene (genes carry enzymes that have a degradative pathway) used to “eat” metals such as copper/uranium are taken from a cell and put into a plamsid which later is put into the bacteria forming the recombinant bacteria then copies and is placed into the area with hazardous waste

Microbials cannot work on their own so they need the help of nitrogen and phosphorus to speed up the process

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A study published on December 29, 2016, has shown that grass can be used to breakdown RDX, a harmful substance found in explosives and ammunition.

Bacterial genes known to breakdown RDX were added into two species of grass to allow the new modified grass to breakdown the toxic substance.

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