Ted Talk: Never Give Up!

Never, ever give up! This what the headstrong Diana Nyad encourages us all to do! As she explained her story of her trek and struggle of swimming from Florida to Cuba as a middle-aged woman, she stresses how important perseverance and commitment are. I was truly inspired by her talk and moved as she was talked about her dedication and loving support team. This talk truly proves that anything is possible.

I loved how upfront she was that she did not conquer this feat alone and stressed the importance of a support team especially the unconditional support from her friend Bonnie. I find that stressing this is extremely humble of her and very important to mention because for me personally, I find that having a team and having a good friend encouraging me can help me to achieve anything, even if it is extremely difficult. I always find that I try to achieve something on my own to have that feeling of self-confidence but this talk reminds me that love and support from a group of friends trumps any feeling of self-pride and self-confidence can be achieved even in a group effort!

One quote that stuck with me the entire talk was when she said, “It’s about the journey not the destination”. Like her other quotes, I found that this one directly relates to my college journey. Sometimes I need a support team to encourage me to do work for college or tell me that I will be successful anywhere. Nervous with acceptance letters from my top schools in just a couple of months, my anxiety is kicking in and I often doubt my abilities to get into my dream school and discount all of my hard work. I just need to remind myself that where I go will not change that fact that I can still get a degree in biology. I will have fun and learn no matter the destination! I thank Diana for reminding me of this and I know I will remind myself of this in the next few months as I decide where I go to college.

Diana has shown me that anything is possible and that I should set more goals and reach for the stars (or in her case the horizon). I can set goals for college and for life whether those be big or small. Any goal is a good goal and I must chase my dreams. I definitely know I will be watching this video again as college stress starts to kick in but Diana’s inspirational words and encouraging quotes will put me back on track and give me some confidence that I can achieve anything! I must never give up!

Feel free to check out this honest, raw and inspirational speech here below! Spoiler alert you may cry


3 thoughts on “Ted Talk: Never Give Up!

  1. Helen, I thought your reflection was super cute and really informative. Your writing style is very natural and true to yourself. Your writing kept me engaged and even made me smile because of how happy your tone of voice is in your writing. 🙂


  2. Helen, Your spoiler alert is right! I tear up every time I listen to this talk. It is a great one to come back to when you need encouragement and inspiration. Applying to college and waiting for acceptances is a challenging time. You feel like you are in limbo. You want to be present where you are, senior year, but are constantly being asked about the future and reminded that next year you will be somewhere, but you don’t know where yet. I find that the unknown can be scary because it makes me feel out of control. Diana’s talk reminds me that even in the midst of a situation that I cannot control, I can continue to persevere and never give up. I can focus on finding a way. Throughout this year, you have demonstrated perseverance and you have never given up. This digital site is one stellar example. You faced challenges and frustrations, but you remained dedicated to figuring out how to design your site. Accomplishments after challenge are always the most rewarding. The next few months are sure to bring more challenges, but I know you will face each one with grace and fortitude. I can’t wait to find out where the next step of your journey will take you!


  3. Oh boyo, I remember when we watched this talk I sort of hated it haha! I finally learned to appreciate inspirational talks so much more in college though, I watch a lot of them right before a midterm as kind of a power. As she mentions a positive mindset is SO important, I’m glad you dot such a great experience from her memories!


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