Looking Back on a Semesters Worth of Blogs

This semester has been rough. I’d like to say after 5 months of blogging I’ve figured out the website or figured out a recipe to write a perfect blog but truth is I haven’t. Just recently have I found out how to properly organize my site with the help of my tech savvy friends. Figuring out my website was a lot harder than I thought it would be but actually writing the blogs was a lot easier than expected. From writing a reflection on a documentary to sharing my BTC video or an above and beyond video, my blog has become a documented version of my journey through AP Bio. Just looking back on one semester’s worth of blogs I cannot wait to see the final collection of all my blogs and see how I have grown as both a writer and a website creator.

As far as writing blogs goes I can already see how much they have changed. Initially, they were slightly dry and had no personality. Now that I have become more comfortable with writing, I have become more relaxed and they have transformed into an educated conversation like blog. Writing blogs after doing an experiment or watching a documentary or finishing a project helped me to collect my thoughts and synthesize the final product.

Having my own website has been both challenging and rewarding. I have learned not only what it takes to run my own website but also how to organize it, keep it interesting and make sure I can cater to my followers. Although blogging has been tough in the moment I’m positive that blogging will pay off in the long run and this experience will help me with my writing skills in both college and trying to keep up in the every changing, technology-based world that our society is becoming.


3 thoughts on “Looking Back on a Semesters Worth of Blogs

  1. I really like the layout of your website. Mine is too plain and everything looks spaced out. I gotta look for something similar!


  2. Helen, You never gave up! I know there were challenges and struggles with your site, but I hope you are as proud as I am. I also agree that you are finding your blog-style/voice. This is a very different style of writing than most students have done and I agree with you that it encourages you to make connections between topics and share your journey in a personal way. I am so excited to see how you continue to develop over our last few months together!


  3. Damn WordPress sure has upped it’s game since 2014/15. Jeez, I can’t believe it’s been that long, talk about the good old days. I think your blog is beautiful and successful! As a graphic design student, I can see some flaws in your color choice for legibility, but your aesthetic is pretty on point. Guess you won’t be a beauty blogger then haha? Writing blogs definitely helped me develop more of a personal style, I can see that here too, so happy it has helped.


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