Meiosis in Motion

The goal of meiosis is to produce 4 sex cells. It begins in Interphase I, where the cell grows and develops, performing it’s routine functions. During the next stage, Prophase I, the DNA becomes organized into chromosomes. Later in Metaphase I, the chromosomes align in the middle of the cell attached by spindle fibers, until they separate and move to opposite sides of the cell during Anaphase I. After the membrane splits and forms two daughter cells in telophase I. The daughter cells perform their normal functions in Interphase II. During Prophase II, the nuclear membrane breaks down until the chromosomes align in the middle during Metaphase II. Later, the chromosomes are pulled to opposing sides of the cells by the spindle fibers in Anaphase II. Finally, in Telophase II, the daughter cells split during cytokinesis, ultimately forming 4 sex cells.

When preparing to create a product to demonstrate meiosis, Keira and I were both inspired to make a video through keynote, rather than an art project, stop motion video.  Initially, we thought making a keynote would be an easy task but it ended up being quite difficult when making the transitions perfect and timely. However, the process of making the shapes and putting them all together was quite simple. After making the keynote, we made it into an iMovie then added voice overs. Following a diagram from google, we had a clear plan in mind and we both had the same end product in mind. Overall, I enjoyed this project and I’m glad I got to learn how to use Keynote and I know I will never forget the steps of meiosis


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