A Reaction to Future of Empathy

During class we played Face the Future, a game about the future of empathy. I did not know what to expect going into this game. Reading the tutorials on the game I gained some insight into what we would be doing the next class. In class, even though I had read the tutorials it was still a little confusing. I had thought it would be more of a game but it was more like small tweets or thoughts posted by people all around the world.

Initially, I started to make my own posts but I later found I was more interested in responding or critiquing other people’s comments. Some people had made some really insightful comments that were out of the box. Those including reading animals minds as well as human’s really stuck out to me. I thought it was interesting to see people’s concerns on issues about depression. Many had voiced concerns about spreading thoughts of sadness through the world or how those could hack the app to spread evil/sad/depressing thoughts.

I enjoyed reacting to other’s posts although I did not like the way it was set up. Instead of predicting, acting, rallying or investigating, I feel like it would’ve been better to just have a comment section so someone’s comment didn’t have to fit in a category. However, I did like that you could react to someone’s idea and spread it to make it more popular.

I like how the game was set up, as far as spreading people’s ideas and responding to them, but I thought giving people points based on how popular their ideas were was pointless (no pun intended haha). I thought giving it the title “game” was a false pretense. I believed it was more a blog and the point system was confusing and distracted people from the true purpose of the game. People saw it as more a website like twitter and posted submissions like “harambe” or “eggs” and it ruined the purpose. Overall I enjoyed seeing people’s responses, those that were serious, but I do not think I would play again.


One thought on “A Reaction to Future of Empathy

  1. This sounds fun! My mom once took an entire class her senior year about empathy, and she said it was really enjoyable. I really don’t like posting about anything, and so I can see your point about not wanting to post and whatnot. Checking in on people’s opinions about stuff rather than tweeting can help you get to know people and get the results you need!


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