go with the FLOW

Wow. All I can say. I guess it’s true what they say a picture/video is worth a thousand words. Even without all the data the documentary provided, the production would still be so informative and impactful. They covered so many topics all relating to one point: water.

First they talk about dirty water, relating to most Americans who can afford to live in a house and pay for water to run in their home. They state the importance of water for our body and how clean water is hard to come by these days. I was surprised to hear that rocket full is found in tap water. Of all things rocket full. Up to 7 million people per year get sick from tap water. That is an unacceptable amount of people to die from such a common natural resource. Our government should designate people to look over our water and see what actually is in it and find ways to cleanse it. Not only are there natural chemicals but also over 116,000 human made chemicals. We are literally adding chemicals to our own water, our only basis of life.

Along with tap water, bottled water is not safe either. I was shocked to hear that bottled water is not monitored by companies. Over $100 billion dollars is spent on bottled water each year yet companies consistently lie about where they get the water and what chemicals are put into it. They strip the land of its most needed natural resource then bottle it and mass produce it to make a profit. I was sad to hear that a company like Nestle would exploit this natural resource. They tried to argue that they were helping the environment and took out water in a respectable amount. However, they lied and only hurt their reputation. I was sad to hear that because I buy their cookie dough all the time and I don’t want to support a company that exploits states water supply.

They also covered unclean water in foreign countries including Bolivia, Africa and India. I was shocked to hear that kids drink dirty water because they do not know any better. In Bolivia, the streams in town (their only water resource) is infected by their own sewage and local companies. The local Bolivians have to use the river to dispose of their trash because they have no other form to rid of their trash. It is sad to see that those who need the most help cannot afford ways to get new and clean water or prevent there from being more dirty water. 1/10 children under 5 die each year in Bolivia. This broke my heart and I was eager to find a way to solve their problem to help the poor children.

In Africa and India they are working to fight big companies like Suez for controlling their water. The people beg for ways to have wells or machines to turn dirty water to clean water. I was disgusted when the large companies said that the people should want to pay for water. It is their own resource and they need water to live. They should only have to pay to have water in their house but not to actually have water available. Their lives are juristically changed and fight for the right to have clean water. Many are forced to drink dirty water because it is their only option and die a painful death. It is sad that those who need the water the most are oppressed by large companies, forced to pay for water with money they don’t have.

The only glimmer of hope in the documentary was that there are ways to convert dirty water to clean, drinkable water. These affordable and useful devices help the community largely and create a large change! However, these solutions are hard to come by and are not often publicized or offered to a majority of the public. Along with new innovations, communities are also fighting against large companies. The most effective way to bring clean water is to inform the public. Knowledge is power!



One thought on “go with the FLOW

  1. Loved the FLOW documentary, I can’t remember if this was in the documentary or not, but I saw a video of testing of bottled water and how contaminated they are. You are right, it is very sad that a company like Nestle presents such a face when they really are abusing our natural resources.


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