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I am a senior at Notre Dame High School and I am enrolled in AP Bio! Feel free to look at my blog posts/investigations to see what I’ve been up to and learning about.

Contact: hhardy17@ndhsb.org


What was the experience of creating the site like? Did you ever imagine you would create a website? What were some posts you really thought were interesting, informative, transformative, creative? (remember you can hyperlink to other posts/pages!) What did you learn about biology, your classmates, yourself? What skills did you learn? Where are your plans for next year?

To be completely honest making this website has been a piece of work. In the beginning, I thought this website was a lost cause. Writing the blogs themselves was not too hard, I found it pretty easy to be comfortable in this type of setting. However, where I found my most trouble was organizing my blog and trying to navigate this site! With new updates and complex settings, it took me about a month to get used to writing, organizing and posting my blogs but I can confidently say I have mastered it (of course with the help of my tech savvy teacher and classmates)! This has been such a crazy experience and never thought I would be making my own website at this age and dare I say to be successful at making one? Thanks to this website, I have had the privilege to create my own professional website and start to make a brand of myself and continue my digital footprint.

This experience I have greatly improved my tech skills. I have enjoyed most making iMovies of our experiences in class or on field trips such as Save the Bay and LiMPETS. Through vlogging, blogging and reporting on labs, I have grown so much as a writer and scientist. It’s amazing how much you can do blogging: a scientific lab post, a vlog, a slideshow presentation, or an update on my personal life, all of which are on this site. I hope to continue, modify and update this site as I continue to grow as a biologist in my college career. It will be so interesting to see the kind of experiments I will be doing next year and compare them to ones I have already completed this year. I hope to continue this site as a digital timeline of my biology career. I am incredibly grateful for this experience and know that it will benefit me heaps as our world continues to be run by computers (eek)!!!!


Check out this video I made with a few essential tips I have learned that helped me survive biology this year 🙂 So many of these can be applied to other courses but remember to stay calm and that you can do this!


5 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

  1. Hey bud! Look at how far you have come since the beginning of this year with your blog. As I was right by your side through the whole thing, I was made aware of the struggle that came with conquering Science Geek Chic and it’s technical difficulties at times given the complexity of WordPress. However seeing your blog now, you have totally mastered the concept of making a blog individual as well as engaging to all different kinds of audiences. Each post has a different aspect to it that makes your blog unique to yourself. You also really make it personal to your future hopes of being a Biology major and becoming a Pediatrician. I can’t wait to see how far you go as I’m not going anywhere. This is just the beginning Helen 🙂

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  2. I love what you’ve done with your site sweetie! From a tech point of view, it’s great how you’ve incorporated little links, videos and pictures to make it more exciting. However, there are a few formatting errors with the pictures (especially the ones on the heading) that we can work on together. Just comparing your first and last posts, I can see how comfortable you have become on screen in writing and it sounds just how you would talk! Unlike your first couple of posts, your blogs are now engaging, contain multimedia, and are natural. Hope you can continue this when you become my little pediatrician…love mama

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  3. HEY I love the parts where you let people know what you’ve learned! WordPress is an awesome site to get your bearings in terms of post writing, time management, and like you mentioned inserting hyperlinks/other web content. Tips are quite helpful, I loved your suggestions for the future gen AP Bio students. Great work this year, bless your heart sweet pea.

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  4. Helen, Your site certainly has come a long way! I am so proud of your continued effort despite the many tech frustrations. Hoorah! You never gave up! I am thankful for your calm demeanor as you powered through the challenges. You have developed your voice, your blogging skills, your media making! Could you imagine this time last year creating a Prezi, screencasting, and posting on your site on the right page with a dropdown menu! Thank you for being a vital member of Team AP Bio. I have so enjoyed getting to know you. Oh, you are off to new adventures and I look forward to hearing all about them. You know where to find me…twitter, linkedin, facebook, email 🙂


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